Information for researchers

From 2009-2014, the chair “Living with Cancer: innovative care programs and e-health” was initiated by the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) / Alpe d’HuZes Foundation at VU University. Since 2015, this was transferred into a full professorship “Psychosocial oncology” at VU University and VU University Medical Center. Research is carried out in a joint venture between the Department of Otolarygnology / Head and Neck Surgery,  Amsterdam UMC (location VUmc) and the Department of Clinical, Neuro- and Developmental Psychology of VU University, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our research group “Living together with cancer” comprises the chair, senior researchers (postdocs), and PhD students.

Our research comprises four main topics

  1. Quality of life and psycho-oncology in cancer patients and their families;
  2. Supportive care: the prevention and management of adverse effects of cancer and its treatment (rehabilitation, psychosocial care, palliative care), delivered face-to-face and via eHealth;
  3. Predictive modelling: quality of life in relation to biomarkers and survival;
  4. Voice, speech, swallowing, and oral function.

This part of the website is dedicated to researchers. The members of our research group present themselves. Researchers can find detailed information on the various ongoing projects, and (abstracts of) our publications and presentations.


  • Organizing psycho-oncological care for cancer patients: the patient’s perspective, by Anouk S Schuit, Karen Holtmaat, Valesca Van Zwieten, Eline J Aukema, Lotte Gransier, Pim Cuijpers, Irma M Verdonck-de Leeuw, published in Frontiers in Psychology, section Psycho-Oncology....

  • March 2, 2021 Anja van der Hout defended her thesis  “Web-based self-management for cancer survivors: Efficacy, cost-utility and reach of Oncokompas”. (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).    ...

  • Five project proposals have been submitted for the 4th data release of NET-QUBIC. In total 20 projects are already using the data from NET-QUBIC....