Anja van der Hout

Dr. Anja van der Hout

In July 2015, Anja van der Hout started her PhD at the VU University at the department of Clinical Psychology. The aim of her PhD project was the evaluation of Oncokompas, an eHealth self-management application that supports cancer survivors by finding and obtaining optimal supportive care, adjusted to their personal health status and situation. In October 2016 a randomized controlled trial started to investigate efficacy, cost-utility and reach of Oncokompas as self-management tool among cancer survivors.
Anja obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and her master’s degree in Health Sciences at VU University Amsterdam, and the Master Epidemiology at EpidM, VUmc.

Anja defended her thesis on March 2, 2021
A. van der Hout, “Web-based self-management for cancer survivors: Efficacy, cost-utility and reach of Oncokompas”. Promotoren: Prof dr IM Verdonck-de Leeuw, Prof dr LV van de Poll-Franse. Copromotor: Dr. CF van Uden-Kraan. Printed by Ipskamp, 2021.