Femke Jansen

Dr. Femke Jansen

Health Scientist, Epidemiologist

Femke Jansen works as a senior researcher at the department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery of AmsterdamUMC, location VUmc. She coordinates a large longitudinal observational cohort study (NET-QUBIC) among head and neck cancer patients and their informal caregivers. In December 2019, she received the Young Investigator Grant / Bas Mulder Award of the Dutch Cancer Society to investigate late effects, supportive care needs and (supportive) care utilization up to 5 years follow-up among this group of patients and caregivers. In addition, she coordinates a randomized controlled trial on the (cost-)effectiveness of psychological treatment for cancer patients with an adjustment disorder (ADJUST-study). Femke her research interests mainly focus on the need for supportive care and the costs and cost-effectiveness of supportive care interventions targeting cancer patients.

Femke obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and her research Master’s degree in Lifestyle and Chronic Disorders at the VU University in Amsterdam. She is registered as Epidemiologist A. In October 2012, Femke started working as a research assistant for the research group “Living together with cancer”. After a year she started her PhD project entitled: “Supportive care in head and neck cancer patients: Patient-reported  needs and costs”, which she successfully defended in January 2018.