Decision Aid Prostate Cancer

Patient Decision Aid Prostate Cancer

In the Netherlands prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men over 55 years, with the vast majority of these men having a localized form of prostate cancer. For the treatment of localized prostate cancer, several treatment options are available, each with their own risks and consequences.

It is important that patients are well informed about treatment options of prostate cancer to make a decision in collaboration with their health care provider. To help patients with their choice, a Patient Decision Aid is developed which includes the approved treatment options for prostate cancer (active surveillance, radical prostatectomy, external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy) and consists of two parts, accompanied by an explanatory note and a glossary:

  • A component that answers the question: How can my prostate cancer be treated?
  • A component that answers the question: What are my arguments for and against different treatment options of my prostate cancer?

The patient decision aid was developed in a participatory design with patients with prostate cancer and their partners (from the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PKS) and the Blue Ribbon Foundation) and healthcare professionals of the departments Urology and Radiotherapy of the VU University Medical Center and the Academic Medical Center. The development took place in cooperation with the Argumentenfabriek.

The decision aid has been tested in several stages with health care professionals and patients. Based on the results a final version of the patient decision aid was developed.

An implementation study of the patient decision aid in the clinical practice is the next step in the development cycle. In this phase, the patient decision aid will be implemented and used in current care in hospitals in the region of Amsterdam. The implementation of the decision aid will be evaluated in terms of the experiences of patients, their partners and health professionals regarding the use of the patient decision aid and the degree of commitment of the decision aid in the participating centers.

This project is part of the coalition ‘Joint Implementation Prostate cancer PAtient-centered care’ (JIPPA). Within this collaboration insurer CZ, Tilburg University, Radboud UMC and VUmc will work together to stimulate shared decision making in the treatment for prostate cancer.

The team of this project consists of Hoda Al-Itejawi (PhD student), Dr. Nelly van Uden-Kraan, Prof. dr. Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw Dr. André Vis, Dr. Jakko Nieuwenhuizen, Prof. dr. Jeroen van Moorselaar.

The development and evaluation of the patient decision aid as developed by VUmc is funded by IPSEN. The implementation of the patients decision aids in hospitals in the regions of Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Tilburg is funded by CZ.

For questions, please contact Hoda Al-Itejawi (research-physician),